Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 5 update

My loss for last week was 1 pound not great but I'll take it. Every pound counts. I saw bigger changes in my measurements this week than in my weight, and for me that's what really counts.
My total loss is now 17 pounds.
Overall I did really well last week but I didn't workout as often or as hard as I should have.

My biggest accomplishment for the week was that I jogged for the first time, probably since high school. Granted it wasn't far just the last couple of blocks of my walk, but I did do it. It may very well have been the first time I have ever jogged/ran of my own free will. I have always thought that running was an activity without purpose unless you were being chased by something or someone who wanted to do you harm. But I've been watching all these weight loss shows on Netflix and you see these people with even more weight to lose than I and they run. I just wanted to see if my body was even capable,and it was. I didn't enjoy it but I did it. The distance may have been laughable to some but for me it was a challenge, and I was proud when I reached my driveway.

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