Monday, January 2, 2012

Month 1

I have finished the first month of my new diet. My total weight loss for the month was 16 pounds.

I'm pretty pleased with that number. I think I could have lost more, but the month had some major challenges. My grandmother died and I fell into the habit of emotional eating that week, and then there was Christmas. The scale showed an 8 pound gain after three days of holiday eating. I know most of that was water weight and it came off fast. The Monday after Christmas I weighed in at 268 and today one week later I weigh 259. So I not only lost the Christmas pounds but lost an additional 2 pounds this week. yay!

The most exciting thing about this week for me is knowing that I was able to splurge on the holiday but get myself right back on track. A few bad days doesn't mean I give up anymore. I am in control of me.

I felt really lousy for the first few days after Christmas. I felt completely run down, moody, and achy. Now that all of the junk I ate is out of my system,I feel great. I'm feeling happy and energetic. That alone makes me want to stay on plan. So far Atkins is definitely working for me.


  1. Thats awesome!!! Tomorrow is my official start day. I hope I can keep to what I have planned for myself. I thought that I would do the South Beach Diet, but I am pretty much convinced that I am able to have a few good carbs and lose weight. Thats how I lost the first 9 lbs anyway lol. I have a few challenges coming up with my friend having a birthday and Rob's birthday later this month, but if I think about it like that every month has some sort of challenge lol. I also start back at the gym tomorrow so that should help too. Keep up the great work!!! I am so proud of you!!

  2. That is an amazing loss for a month. Keep up the great work and never let the numbers make you give up!