Thursday, December 8, 2011

workin' it out

I'd like to introduce you to the new man in my life. This is Edwin. He's crazy about me. No matter how much I hurt him, he never turns his back on me. He's the strong, silent type so we don't talk to much, but there is an unspoken commitment between us. I've been a bit abusive with him, But he seems to be into it. I think we're going to have a beautiful relationship.

I forced myself to go the gym tonight even though I really didn't want to. I'm so glad I did. I threw myself into my workout and left feeling really good about myself. I did about 25 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of strength training, and ended with about 15 min. of boxing. I really like boxing! It's therapeutic and it really works your arms.

I've done really well with food the last two days. I have discovered that planning is essential. So I have been planning meals in advance and entering them into myfatsecret the day before so that I know exactly how many calories and carbs are in each meal. I'm trying to keep my calories under 1,500 and carbs under 40. Limiting carbs seems to be built in calorie control. Almost everything that I am tempted to overindulge on is a high carbohydrate food. By steering clear of those items I don't really have any trouble at all staying within my caloric allowance.
Almost at the end of week two and I'm feeling really good. I'm sleeping better without all that caffeine coursing through my body and my energy level is up.

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  1. Oh I need an Edwin in my life!! That's awesome that you went to the gym even though you didn't want to. I am beginning to think Im Chloe's gym! That's all the workout I can fit in at the moment but I will get there!