Saturday, December 10, 2011

do over

This weeks weight loss was a bit of a disappointment. I only lost 1 pound. Making my total weight loss 11 pounds. I'm not surprised; this week definitely had it's challenges. I'm not going to let it derail me.
In fact, I'm even more determined to make everyday count in the week ahead.

Tomorrow I'm going to take some time to cook several meals in advance for the week. Having healthy meals planned ahead of time is high on my list of strategies for success. I'm definitely at my worst when dinner time rolls around and I have no idea what we are eating that night.

I've been trolling weight loss blogs and forums all over the internet looking for recipe ideas. I'm beginning to realize that it is completely possible to eat really delicious food while losing weight but it does take effort. I've gotten in such a rut with the things I cook. It's just a matter of changing up that routine and trying new things. For me that's easier said than done. I am such a creature of habit! So trying at least one new recipe is on my list of mini-goals for this week.

Speaking of mini-goals. I didn't do so well good this week.

workout 3 times (2)
Drink 6 glasses of water each day (closer to 4)
Eat breakfast (1 day)

weigh loss goal...5lbs (-1)

So this coming week will be a do-over, with the addition of trying a new recipe.
Hopefully next week I'll have better things to report.

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  1. A loss of any kind is better than a gain!! Don't beat yourself up about it! So when you find good recipes you should include them on here so maybe I can try them too ; )
    I like to keep some lean cuisines on hand in case I don't feel like cooking.
    Have a great week! You are inspiring me!!