Monday, December 5, 2011


I decided that I should post a before photo. As humiliating as it is, I want to be able to have an undeniable reality check. And later, a source of pride when I can say look how far I've come. I'm thinking of taking a new picture every 20 lbs.

I know it will take a while before there is a notable difference. That's one of the hardest parts for me about losing weight when you have so much to lose. When your fat, your fat. People don't seem to notice a 10, 20, or even 30 pound loss. It's even harder to see it on yourself. For a person that likes instant gratification that can be hard. So hopefully the pictures will help.

I finished my first week with a 10 lb. loss! I'm really happy with that and inspired to keep up all my hard efforts. I met all of my mini- goals for last week except the exercise. The goal was 3 workouts and honestly I only did one. So I have to do better on that one. My biggest triumph for the week was that not a sip of Pepsi passed my lips. Thats huge for me.

Mini goals for this week 12/4- 12/10

  • Work out at least 3 times this week
  • Drink 6 glasses of water each day
  • Eat breakfast
  • weigh loss goal...5lbs.

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  1. Yay!!! Great job!! No matter what you think of that pic...that's my beautiful best friend and I love her with all of my being!!