Saturday, November 26, 2011

Prep day

Today is the day before my new life begins. I'm not planning a major binge or anything like that. I will just eat as I normally do. I need to go grocery store and buy everything I need to set me up for success. One of my major stumbling blocks in the past has been lack of planning. So I have planned every meal for the next week and made a grocery list based on that as well as a list of healthy snacks. Like many women I find it hard to diet while cooking for my family but this time I have planned meals that can be modified for me without much effort.

My husband is thin. He's one of those eat anything he wants and lose weight while doing it kind of people. Luckily he loves me for me and has always been supportive and never made me feel "less than" because of my weight. My daughter, though she is in no way fat, isn't thin either. At 13 she is 5'2" and weighs 145lbs. I see a lot of me in her. She is very critical of her body and says she wants to lose 20 lbs. I want to set a good example for her and to help her avoid a lifetime of self loathing. That more than anything is my inspiration.

I will also be setting up an account on Fat Secret. This site lets you keep track of all of your food intake, exercise, and weight loss. You can also look at other peoples entries and recipes. I need to make a play list for workout inspiration and add a few workout videos to my netflix queue.

I'm sort of excited to get started because this time I'm determined to really change my life not just drop a few pounds or get into a smaller size jean. I'm also afraid. the thought of failure is scary. If not now when? What will happen to me if I am unable to change?

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