Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have major incentive for losing weight fast. I'm hoping to lose about 30 lbs. by March because I'm afraid my big fat butt will keep me from riding rides when my family goes on vacation to Universal Studios in March. My family thinks I'm joking when I tell them this but seriously....
My daughter loves all things Harry Potter and has been dying to visit the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Orlando. At first I wasn't worried because we have been to Disney several times and fitting on their rides has never been an issue. But as I began researching this vacation I read horror stories about "fat police" pulling people from lines and making them try to fit in test seats outside the attractions throughout Universal. I've read that the seats are narrow and that if you are unable to lock the harness down three clicks you are turned away, and that people as small as a size 18 are sometimes unable to ride. So now I'm scared. Not so much about not being able to ride but more about being humiliated and embarrassing my family.

A lot of people are angry at the park for making a ride with such small seats. I don't blame anyone but myself. I'm the one who has let my body get to this size. I'm the one who needs to change.

So no way will I get to my long term goal by March I have
way too much to lose but I can get a good start. I think 30 pounds is very doable considering the amount I have to lose I may even be able to lose more. Even if I don't lose enough to ride all the roller coasters, I want to know I tried my best.

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