Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Minus 9 and Counting

I know that most diets recommend you only weigh in once a week, but clearly I have self control issues other wise I wouldn't have a weight problem. So I've been weighing every morning. Today's weight was 266. That's down 9 pounds since Sunday! I am eating I promise! The diet plan I chose is sort of a modified Atkins. Large numbers are pretty typical in the first few weeks of low carb plans. I know it will soon slow down but I'm enjoying the success none the less. It definitely helps keep me motivated.

I'm adding in a workout today. I actually enjoy working out once I get into a routine. I grew up in gyms. My mom was a bodybuilder in the 80's and my step father was a personal trainer. They owned a gym, so I spent many many hours in the gym and am very comfortable with all the equipment.

It was hard growing up as fat kid with a fitness crazy mom( She weighed all of 90 lbs.). I always felt like she was disappointed in me. This eventually led to a lot of shame and sneaking of food. Honestly, even as an adult I have found myself sneaking food. Sometimes I buy a candy bar to eat in the car and I throw the wrapper away so that no one knows, I sneak a few bites of leftovers while washing the dishes, or buy junk food to eat when I have the house alone for an evening. I have no idea why I would feel like any of this was necessary, my family certainly wouldn't condemn me for anything I would chose to eat.

I am so done with all of that! I'm off to workout now. First song on my workout play list.....I'm bringing sexy back.

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  1. Keep up the good work! I still wasn't great today. Fiber one bar for breakfast, vietnamese chicken rolls from pei wei (which I checked the calories before we went), and then a 5 oz baked chicken breast with a handful of pasta w/tomato sauce. No great but could have been worse. Hopefully each day will get better/easier!!